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Akin & khatisha | City Clerk's Office Wedding | TAO Downtown New York City

Small Weddings Are Personal and Intimate Events.....


As a wedding photographer, I must confess that I do find smaller weddings really charming. They have a sense of intimacy which is sometimes missing from grander weddings. 


Every wedding is beautiful and meaningful. However, small weddings are in my thoughts today because I have such fond memories of the wedding of  Akin  & khatisha. Today, I'd like to share my fond memories of this small wedding, which had such a warm and wonderful vibe.


Khatisha Glowed on the Big Day

The couple looked gorgeous as they exchanged their vows at City clerk's Office  in the Big Apple New York City and a early evening celebration at TAO Downtown New York city. Khatisha was glowing and her beautiful dress was the perfect complement to her flawless skin. Actually, everyone at the wedding looked amazing. People were dressed up and groomed to perfection and it was a beautiful group. However, brides definitely have a touch of pure magic on their wedding days and the lovely Khatisha was no exception. 


She dazzled in a lovely taupe gown with an embellished, sparkly bodice. Her hair was set in classic waves which she adorned with a jeweled comb. Her oval face, full lips and almond-shaped eyes make her classic beauty who is so much fun to photograph

The groom, Akin, looked so sharp and modern in a navy blue tux with black lapels. His beard is so stylish and on-trend. 

khatisha blg 8.jpg


These two look great together. They are so in tune and this really comes through in my wedding photographs.

I focused on capturing the bond between Khatisha and Akin, as well as the joyful expressions of wedding guests. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and it deserves to be honored with expert wedding photography. I find the process of preserving these once-in-a-lifetime moments to be incredibly fulfilling and that's probably why people seek out my services for their weddings so often. 


I'm fortunate to have embarked on a awesome job  that I love so much. My love for what I do fuels my success.  


This Wedding Was a Big Success...

After the city hall wedding, at the city clerk's office in NYC, I took pictures out in front of the building. I love capturing slices of the Big Apple in my wedding photographs, as doing so adds so much character to the images. After the post-ceremony photo shoot, we all journeyed to TAO restaurant (also in NYC) to celebrate the spirit of true love and lifetime commitment!


At the restaurant reception, I focused on indoor photography. The couple didn't really have time to go outside of the restaurant as so much was going on! Luckily, I'm very skilled at both indoor and outdoor photography. I know how to find and use light and how to get the most from my subjects, no matter where I'm taking pictures. Wedding photography is definitely my passion. I'm committed to taking the sorts of pictures that people treasure forever. 


TAO is a gorgeous place, so it wasn't hard to get great results. It's sleek, contemporary decor provided the perfect backdrop for stunning wedding pictures. 


I hope you've enjoyed learning about this small and intimate wedding. It was a romantic and inspiring one! If you are getting married in city hall drop me an email so we can discuss your special day. www.hectorriveraphotography.com.  You can follow me on INSTAGRAM