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Chris & Paul | Same sex wedding | Eve Ultra Lounge | Staten Island, New York

A Display Of Live At An Incredible Venue more often than not, love is taken for granted. We assume that it is limitless, and sometimes fail to see it for what it is, even when it is starting us in the face. For those who have found love with one another, a wedding represents the ultimate public display of that affection. It represents the celebration around this emotion as friends, family , and loved ones all come together. For Chris and Paul at the incredible Ultra Eve Lounge located in Staten Island, New York  It meant the day of the rest of their lives together. 

An Amazing Venue

Located on Staten Island, Ultra Eve Lounge specifically caters to those

celebratory moments when everyone comes together.  Whether it is birthdays, 

Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, private parties, and in our case weddings, it offers

an incredible lighting system and several places to lounge and celebrate.  

Sporting a fantastic sound system as well, the Eve Ultra  Lounge combines

fantastic interior design to create a space that is both lavish and accommodating.  

A wide range of extras offered by the venue allow for things like ice sculptures, 

dancers, waiters, catering, TV Graphics, Logo or name on the front of the

building, and more.  Working with you to provide the experience you are looking

for, Eve Ultra Lounge can be customized to make your wedding or event

incredible.  In addition, they are more than happy to help Chris and Paul

celebrate their love, providing a venue where the two could celebrate with their


The Photographer For You

Proud to provide fantastic photographic services for anyone in love, I’ve based

Hector Rivera Photography around providing the very best in professional

service.  Working with you every step of the way, I am here to ensure that every

moment of your special day is captured.  While living in the moment, let me

capture it in amazing detail, providing you with the memories and the moments

you can reflect back on years from now.  And, having been in the business for as

long as I have, you recognize love for love, regardless of whether or not it is a

same sex wedding.  Proud to be a supportive service for LGBT+ individuals, 

experience for yourself what countless clients have come to expect.  Whether it

is Chris and Paul or you and your partner, let’s work together to record the

memories you will hold dear for now and forever.