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One if by Land Two If by Sea | Jewish Wedding | New York City

one f by land two if by sea, a small jewish wedding just a beauty.

Manhattan is best-known for its signature landmarks, including Times Square, Broadway and the Empire State Building. However, it's also a wonderful place to get married! This is why I was thrilled to be on hand (camera in hand!) when Gena and her handsome groom Joseph  tied the knot in the Big Apple's most populated borough. They chose to marry at one of New York City's most romantic restaurants. It's called, "One If By Land Two If By Sea"

One if by land two if by sea restaurant
wedding gift
jewish groom prep

This was a Jewish wedding and it was such a fun and inspiring event. 

Gena Was Stunning in Pale Gold Lace

Gena went for a sophisticated and fashionable wedding look. Her flowing gown featured pale gold lace and a touch of pastel green and pink embroidery. The look was so feminine and refined. Her dress, which had sheer sleeves, was a perfect match for her natural coloring and it really brought out her natural beauty. 

Gena wore a delicate veil for the ceremony, which was held right in the restaurant. It was a stunning veil. However, she looked equally great without it.

Joseph  the groom was dapper in a classic black tux and bow tie. He has a great smile which looks very impressive on film. 

This couple looked so comfortable together and so in love. 

One memorable moment was when Gena came down the stairs at "One If By Land Two If By Sea".

bride by the stairs
bride by the sea

She was all lit up because the day was so romantic and her smile was truly beautiful. People definitely look their best when they are overjoyed. One of the best parts of my job is capturing these moments, because they are so rare and so important. 

Gena is so confident and I think her sense of self, joy and fun really come through in the photographs. 

I think the picture that I took of her at the top of the stairs at this legendary NYC eatery is really one of my favorites. 

I also love a portrait of the bride and groom that I took inside of the restaurant, surrounded by vibrant plants. They are both smiling and they both look amazing! In that shot, Gena is holding her bouquet. The restaurant's brickwork and dark wood window panes are also visible and they add so much character to this classic couple shot of the bride and groom.

Another pretty shot is one where the bride and groom held hands as they were married. Their backs were to me, so I focused on their intertwined hands. The romantic traditions of a wedding ceremony are always touching and life-affirming. This Jewish wedding was definitely a celebration of love!


I also captured plenty of images of the bride and groom's friends and family. The restaurant was filled with happy wedding guests who enjoyed the romantic ambiance and great food and drink at One If By Land Two If By Sea.


Know for it's old school charm, this restaurant is definitely something special. It used to be the carriage house of the late Vice President of the United States, Aaron Burr. Touches of heritage are everywhere in this restaurant. Its paintings date back a couple of centuries, there are fireplaces galore and a live piano player is often in attendance. Also, film icon, the late film actor, Steve McQueen, once lived upstairs, when the top floor was used as a rental apartment. 

piano man one if by land two if by sea

Few New York restaurants have so much character, beauty and history. The couple chose well when they picked this eatery for their special day. 

Gena and her groom gathered a wonderful group of guests. They chatted in smaller groups as they enjoyed champagne and cocktails. 


Do You Need a Wedding Photographer?

As you can see, Manhattan is a great place to get married! However, I photograph weddings all over New York and New Jersey. If you want a wedding photographer with years of experience, a friendly, polite manner and lots of passion for taking wonderful wedding pictures, I encourage you to contact me today. 


I'm someone who enjoys weddings. I think they are beautiful and that they help people to access a little magic in real life. However, I come to the weddings of my clients to work. I focus on getting the best shots and preserving the most poignant memories. So, please get in touch today.