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GRACE MERCADO SWEET 16, Passaic , New Jersey , Garden Vista Ballroom

Grace Mercado Sweet 16: 

Here is a sweet 16 I did for a beautiful young lady name  Grace Mercado. Location located at the Garden Vista Ballroom. Think back on your own life.  What are the memories that stand out the most?  More often than not, moments where important life changes occurred will stay with us for the rest of our life.  Sweet 16’s, marriages, and other formal events become those beautiful memories that we cherish for years, recalling with happiness and excitement every time we look back.  Helping to create this memory are family friends, planning, venues, and an amazing photographer.  When everything comes together, the end result is beyond words. 

Creating A Memory For Grace:

Not too long ago, a girl named Grace had such an experience.  Wearing a beautiful, shimmering white ball gown, she took the next step in her life as she matures into a woman.  More than just a stunning dress, Grace was celebrating her Sweet 16, surrounded by loving family and friends.  Countless hours of planning and preparation led to an absolutely amazing night that will not soon be forgotten.  In the middle of it all was Grace, who celebrated this special day in style.  In addition, it became an amazing sweet 16 party that guest will not forget for a long time.


Setting A Stage For That Perfect Moment:

Creating that experience and memory requires some planning and the place where the party is held is quite important.  You will want a location that is centrally placed to make transportation easy, a location capable of meeting the amount of guests coming, and a place that is experienced with catering or produces their own food as an in house service.  Meeting all of these requirements incredibly well is the Historic Garden Vista Ballroom in Passaic, New Jersey.  Created in the 1920’s and more recently restored, the Garden Vista Ballroom is an incredibly elegant space that creates the perfect backdrop for any meaningful experience.  Great for corporate events, weddings, and even sweet 16’s, it is easily accessible with a good crowd flow.  More information regarding the location can be found at www.gardenvistanj.com. There you can learn about everything they have to offer and set up a reservation for the space.


Capturing The Memory With Skill:

Capturing the perfect moment will require a skilled photographer.  Without their services, a lot about that special day may be lost.  With their skill, you can fully capture all aspects of the event as it is happening and even capture things that you yourself might miss out on.

With years of experience photographing life’s special moments, consider my services the next time you have an event.  Whether it is a sweet 16 party like Grace’s, or a wedding, I have the experience necessary to ensure the very best in professional photography.  You can learn more about my style and services at https://www.hectorriveraphotography.com.  In addition, you can see examples of my work and connect with me directly at https://www.facebook.com/HectorRiveraPhotography.  I look forward to working with you to capture all the special moments in your life, bringing them to dazzling clarity in the hundreds of pictures I will take over the course of your event. Enjoy the rest of Grace Sweet 16 Awesome photos. 

Images shot by Hector Rivera Photography all rights reserved. Wedding photographer based out of Northern, New Jersey. Shot with canon gear canon 6D , excellent in low light   canon 70-200 2 IS, awesome lens so sharp , the SIGMA lens 35mm,