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John & Jill Wedding, II Barilotto Enoteca Italian Restaurant, Fishkill New York

John & Jill Wedding

Everyone loves the idea of a wedding where two completely different people bond together in agreement that they will love, care for, and cherish one another for the rest of their lives. The idea of a storybook romance is something that everyone dreams of, and John and Jill can now say that they have found each other’s fairy-tale ending. From the beautiful ceremony to the stunning reception, their entire wedding was an event for the ages.


It’s the technological age and as more people start to use dating services online, more people are finding true love and John and Jill are not an exception. After gathering the courage to make their own dating profiles on e Harmony, they never thought that they would find the person that they would spend forever with, but they did. After talking to each other back and forth for a while, they decided that it was time to finally meet and get to know one another. The chemistry was absolutely instant and they knew that they would be together forever. 

The first date was at Il Barilotto Enoteca in Fishkill, New York. It is a stunning restaurant with a diverse menu that offers a variety of different Italian flavors. With the phenomenal backdrop of a quaint and European scene, it was the perfect place to have their first date. It has a great romantic atmosphere that offers an allure of mystery and beauty.


The best part about any wedding for any bride is to find her perfect dress and for Jill, this was no different. After spending a lot of time searching for the right gown that would accentuate her youth and beauty, Jill decided that David’s Bridal was the right retailer to go to. With their collection of thousands of gowns, the decision was overwhelming but Jill knew what type of style she was interested in, helping to narrow down her choices.

In quintessential bridal fashion, once she tried on the luxurious floor length high neck vintage gown, she knew it was the one. The delicate lace detailing and intricate beading helped to pull the whole look together. The stunning pearled collar added an extra ounce of sophistication along with the immaculate floor-long veil. Every part of the dress flowed so wonderfully that it was the perfect design to compliment their wedding venue.


As they exchanged their vows, John unveiled the stunning and sparkling wedding band that Jill would be able to wear for the rest of her life. The immaculate diamonds and white gold band worked so perfectly together, as well as John’s white gold band that exuded masculinity and confidence. The most beautiful part about the custom made rings is the fact that the lustrous diamonds were borrowed from John’s mother’s wedding band, helping to keep a piece of her with them forever. Flowers are one of the most important parts of the wedding and beautifully designed bouquets for John and Jill’s event complimented the vintage aesthetic they were going for. Filled with white and deep red flowers, the arrangements looked natural and pristine.


Photography is the most important part of any event, particularly a wedding. Hector Rivera Photography helped to make John and Jill’s special day something that they could remember for many years to come. Over time, the memories of your wedding will fade and there’s nothing better than being able to relive the beauty and the amazement over and over again. With the help of the right photographer you can not only get the most stunning photographs possible, but also have your special day immortalized.

Images by Hector Rivera Photography. Shot with Canon 5D 2 and Quantum Flashes.