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KEVIN & LATASHA Wedding, Hartford, Connecticut - CITY HALL wedding

The Wedding Couple - Hartford Connecticut City Hall :

Every year millions of people around the world tie the knot and take the next important step in their lives.  Married in venues ranging in elegance and size, what truly makes this a once in a lifetime experience is the coming together of friends, family, and loved ones.  My job is to preserve that moment for you always, capturing in beautiful detail your incredible celebration.  As always, it is my hope that you will choose me for your wedding photographer. This is a wedding of a lovely couple Latasha and Kevin , I shot in city hall Hartford,  Connecticut. A  Stunning location. 

Having been asked to record and photograph countless wedding celebrations, Hector Rivera Photography prides itself on the quality of work, on the dedication to the getting the shots the couple wants, and creating memories.  From being intimately familiar with your wedding venue to knowing you and your needs my work allows you to enjoy your celebration instead of worrying about the photos.  Hector Rivera Photography frees you to enjoy the moment completely, with a peace of mind that your photography will be stellar.


Love Captured:

It was with great honor that I was hired to capture the wedding ceremony for this lovely couple Latasha and Kevin  at the Hartford City Hall in Hartford Connecticut.  A perfect match, I worked with both leading up to the ceremony to ensure that their perfect memories were captured.  On the day of the wedding, everyone was surprised by how dashing the groom was and how gorgeous his soon to be wife was.  Beautiful together, it is my joy as a photographer to capture these moments for all, providing a reflection on the incredible happiness and joy this great couple had on the wedding day.  Wishing them the best of luck, they will always have these photos to remember the amazing day on September 13 when their lived were joined.

The couple chose a range of shots that both captured the magic of the moment as well as the beautiful interior decoration and architecture of the venue.  Posed against columns, railing, and beautiful interiors, the couple remains the center of the shot, drawing the eye towards their chemistry and union.  Long halls allow for spectacular couple shots that when placed in the venue convey through a photo the elegance, poise, and happiness of these two individuals.  I can say with certainty that we are all wishing them the best in marriage.


An Incredible Location :

Their wedding was held at the stately Hartford City Hall, in Hartford Connecticut (You can find out about wedding information at the following link http://www.hartford.gov/parks/permits-and-applications/208-weddings-picture-permit.)  The Hartford City Hall building was first built in 1915 and followed a Beaux-Art style.  Replacing the old state house, the new Hartford City Hall would serve as a center of investigation and discovery.  Playing the role of government building, fallout shelter, and wedding venue, the unique and varied history of the Hartford Connecticut city hall as well as its 100+ year history make it an incredible venue for your wedding.


With an exterior of white granite, all the entrances to the city hall building are bronze.  In the middle of the building and the primary location for weddings is an incredible 3-story atrium that is more than 150 feet long by 25 feet wide.  Balconies, a glass roof, and masonry craftsmanship create a timeless, royal feel to events held there.  A black and white checkered floor is split by geometric patterns running in green in a long, thin rectangle down the center of the atrium.  At the far end is the stairwell, flanked by pillars and forming the best place for photos around.  With beautiful artwork on the walls, the Hartford City Hall is a truly memorable location to tie the knot.  Again, if you are considering the location for your venue and want additional pictures, you can apply directly to city hall for wedding pictures and permits athttp://www.hartford.gov/parks/permits-and-applications/208-weddings-picture-permit.

Making The Moment Unforgettable:

As a photographer, it is my great privilege to help facilitate these moments, providing a keepsake to a truly memorable experience.  As seen in the Hartford City Hall, the location can go a long way to meeting the requirements of your guests and providing the perfect backdrop to your amazing day.  In addition, it can help to magnify the significance of what you are doing, matching the energy of the moment.

With years of experience providing couples with the photography services they need, I understand the challenges and considerations that go into wedding planning.  That is why I work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the photographs you want from the event.  The last thing any soon to be couple wants to deal with is an errant photographer.  With my services and dedication to your event, you will be amazed at the quality of photography.

Every event begins with a consultation where we discuss what your unique needs are for the coming wedding.  I make myself available to you at all hours and provide a resource in case you have questions, requests, or information about changes.  I cover all events and locations during your wedding.  In addition, I work to carefully color correct and focus shots to bring them to their absolute best before providing you with a fast turn around on your photos.   With so much to do as a bride and groom, it can be easy to miss out on things or have them fly by with incredible speed.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule a consultation, then please do not hesitate to contact me.  In addition you can find out more about the photography services I provide at https://www.hectorriveraphotography.com.  It all starts with you reaching out, and ends with exquisite shots of your perfect day.  Regardless of the nature of your wedding, venue, size, or any other factor that may arise, let’s collaborate to make your dream a reality.  Together, let’s work to make your wedding magical and provide the photos that will stay with you for the rest of time. Enjoy the Rest of the photos of Latasha and Kevin !!  Please check out my Instagram , and Facebook like page for more of my work…