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kristin Sollenne | Bridal shower | Jean-Georges Restaurant | New York City

Chef Kristin Sollenne a rising culinary star and Food Network Judge: Celebrating Kristin's bridal shower , the future Mrs. Marta On Saturday 9, 2016. @  Jean-Georges New York City. A  French, American, and Asian dishes.  

What a fun and memorable day at Chef Kristin Sollenne Bridal Shower, so many activities and enjoyment all through the event. Bridal shower is a gift giving party held for a bride to be in anticipation of her wedding, hosted be group of lady friends and family and coming together to make the Bride-to-be feel special.

It is Chef Kristin Sollenne bridal shower, and she was the queen of that day. With her gorgeous dress and beautiful smile, she does feel special that day.
Kristin Sollenne is a beautiful upcoming chef TV host, Nutritionist and the brain behind Cellini women apron design_ be tastefully chic in the Kitchen and THINLY teas_ lose weight and feel great.

Kristin is a fun and attractive person and she know how to entertain. Maybe it’s a skill she develops as a chef herself; no wonder her bridal shower is remarkable. She has unquenchable passion for cooking and experimenting with new things to bring her idea to life. 
Chef Kristin Sollenne Bridal Shower went perfectly as planned.

Hosting the event at the six floor of one of the best restaurant in New York City_ Jean-George, beautiful window view and the flowers on the lovely table settings and the pinks give the whole room a welcoming feeling. It’s a perfect setup for the bridal shower. It was a lot of fun with the fabulous dinner and dessert, the company of friends and family..

 Jean-Gearges  has a beautiful lay-out for special events it  also  offers the very best in fine dining. Sparkling glass facing the window giving it that edgy look. 

From Flower-girl to Bride to be, Yes that's lovely Kristin..

The soon-to-be-Mrs, Chef Kristin Sollenne was looking elegant in her beautiful retro swing dress. She does know her style and have a good fashion sense for choosing that dress, the dress looking good on her with the color of the dress complimenting her beauty and body. Her dress was just perfect for the event; simple style, not too flash and she look gorgeous with her hair worn down and balancing it up with her beautiful smile. She was looking in one word, Fabulous.  

Kristin's Mother  looking fabulous. She is posing  for us ,  I love the rim light on her hair. 

Kristin's friends posing for  photos......

Salad, Black sea bass crushed with nuts  and seeds, and Parmesan crush organic chicken.... 

Kristin beautiful ring , is there another word to describe it ?  Striking, dazzling , charming , well-formed, is just  simply gorgeous . Congrats Kristin

Kristin opening one of many gifts from friends and family....

It’s a perfect memory, having the opportunity to photographed Kristin's Bridal shower was a pleasure . Keeping memory of event like this is very important, that is why Hector Rivera was there capturing every beautiful moment of the bridal shower in picture. Form the beautiful setup at Jean-Georges restaurant to the awesome dinner and dessert, her receiving and opening gifts and beautiful pictures of Kristin Sollenne and the incredible group of women.