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ZNO | flush mount Wedding albums | affordable lay-flat photo albums


Get the best wedding albums to keep the memories close to your heart.
Marriage is the biggest decision that a couple takes in life. As they vow to live with each other forever and this is the day that comes once in a lifetime, everyone wants it to be perfect. This is the reason that couples try their best to make every moment perfect and to remember this they hire the best wedding photographer they can. Most of the time their first choice is the Hector Rivera photography ( just kidding ) Let me introduce to  ZNO formally know as Artisan State affordable lay-flat flush mount albums,and top notch quality. 

photos by Hector Rivera Photography, ZNO LEATHERETTE album

images by hector rivera photography } Linen cover cameo cut out

However, what will be the advantage of everything done perfectly when at the end the wedding album they get is neither properly developed and is not in the proper covering. This is the reason that ZNO has come up with the best wedding albums for you that will help you store your memories in a stylish way.

Some of the albums that you can select from are:

Flush mount albums
Flush mount albums get their names in light of the fact that the whole page is a printed with a single photographic print that keeps running over to the edge or Flush reaching the borders of every page. Flush mount wedding collections sides are printed as one photograph and afterward mounted on thick cardboard. This gives an excellent quality wedding collection, as well as it will stay with you for a long time because the print of the image will not fade from the thick pages that are utilized. Below is a sample album I did for a client beautiful stunning crystal glass leather.

images by hector rivera photography

The image will be spread by the ZNO specialists on the flush mount album with such perfection that you will feel the 3-D effect in it. all the [pages of the album will be combined in such high-quality folders that despite opening the album several times the pages will not come off or get destroyed. 
Lay flat albums:

The lay flat albums are one of our best creations. They have been manufactured with such binding that it will keep the album open despite the page that you are on. Not only that this album made with thick pages can have the wedding photographs adjusted in such a way that it will seem like a video is playing. You might feel like you are telling the story of the prince and princess with the happy ever after. 
You can select the covers of your own choice and even get the best wedding image printed on it as well. 


Crystal glass Album photo credit ZNO

photo credit zno | crystal glass flush mount leather

PHOTO CREDIT ZNO | parent albums

It is one of the world finest albums that you can order at ZNO. The best part is that the cover of the album is made with some of the ideal materials that you can select. Not only that it will give your album a sophisticated and decent look. It will appear like you have the most expensive wedding album in the family.
The thing that you will love about the wedding album is that your photographs will be adjusted on the thin pages. This means that you can have as many photographs as you want in a single album. You will also be given the option to select the flush mounted or the lay flat linen album.

Advantages of working with ZNO:
Apart from the wide range of the wedding album styles to select from some of the major advantages that you will get by having your wedding album customized by ZNO are:
You can have  wedding canvases made by them. You can display it in your room or any other place that you prefer. The best part is that they are digitally prepared in a 3-D format.  
In case, that you have many photos and less space in the album, you can have the customized frames made by them. They will provide you the options to select from and thus you can have a frame of your own choice. One of their best is the slide in frame that is dual in nature and thus you can adjust two wedding photos in a single frame.

Photo credit ZNO

As your wedding album will require protection against the dust and you will want to secure it in style so ZNO will also provide you with a handmade cover for the album. It is manufactured with the top quality material and mostly leather. The box is stitched by hand with such perfection that your album will fit in it perfectly.
The best advantage is that they have the team of organized specialists that will meet your demands at all cost and will make sure that you are never disappointed.

You will find all their prices are affordable then the other album makes and with such unique and high-quality designs that you will fall in love with the very first look
Keeping the customer care in mind you will get the option to customize your own album. It means that you can select the type of pages that you require or what kind of a material you want your album to be made off
They are also providing all their customers with global shipping. What will amaze you is that all the customers will pay the same price regardless of the country or city of the world they live in. 

PHOTO CREDIT ZNO | gilding covers

Bottom line :
ZNO has won many hearts around the world because of their top quality services, elegant wedding albums, and awesome customer care services. They have a high repute among all the customers they have worked for. This is the reason that they are often recommended further by the couples to their friends and relatives. In addition , ZNO also offers canvases , frames, prints, cards, posters, calender's, photo gifts, and  brochures. Their Mission is to make make all things beautiful and make them insanely affordable.   

photo credit zno

You might have known then for many years by the name of Artisan State but they have recently changed the name to ZNO so do not get confused. Therefore, the time has come that you get the best photography done by the Hector Rivera Photography. After that get them compiled by the ZNO. If you have any questions regarding their services and the affordable rates, you can visit their website www.zno.com for further information. If you a photographer you can do the PRO plan The Pro Plan is for professional studios and professional photographers, as well as artistic individuals and  taste makers! You pay a $50.00 yearly membership fee to get large discounts on products and samples, plus exclusive access to pro-only stuff !!  Hector Rivera Photography is a wedding , portrait ,  and event photographer located in Northern New jersey


photo credit zno

Enjoy these quick video's below. Images By Hector Rivera Photography