Chad & Sandra | Engagement |

Have a glimpse of this romantic couple’s engagement pictures!


How would you feel if you love your fiance, your ring and the way you were proposed, but HATE your engagement pictures? Hoe depressing it can be when you find out that you much awaited engagement pictures turn out to be weird and non-symmetrical.  You would feel bad, won’t you?

Announcing your engagement or wedding needs a lot of courage (just on the lighter side). Most of the people simply put their pictures up on Instagram or other social media websites with a cute caption. This seems to be the most chic way to announce your engagement. All you need is a breathtakingly romantic picture and a cute caption! You post it on Instagram and ta-daaa, the news breaks out. However, you would surely feel gloomy if even after spending hours on glancing over your engagement pictures, you still can’t find one worthy enough to be posted on Instagram and announce your big day.

Do not worry! This won’t happen again as Hector Rivera is here as your savior. Hector Rivera has a team of specialists that not only designs the way you will look in your engagement pictures but also ensure that the pictures turn out to be super romantic and adorable. The team is aware of the level of importance of this day for you and therefor comes up with the best possible services for you.

As a testimony to our claim, you can view the amazing pictures taken at the engagement of the beautiful couple CHAD & SANDRA. The engagement of this stunning couple took place some earlier in 2015. The awesome couple hailing from Northern New Jersey made it a point to hire us for the photo-shoot of their important day. The team reciprocated with an equal attention to detail. The couple loved our work and so did we working for them! We just clicked together big time.

The couple and our team sat together to plan out the way photographs needed to turn out. Going through all those details helped us to come up with all that romance which the couple desired to reflect in all the pictures. CHAD & SANDRA had the best chemistry we have seen in ages, which we made sure to capture in the pictures so obviously. When CHAD & SANDRA looked in each other’s eyes, their eyes made those vows to be kept for the rest of their lives. The creative ideas from the team also injected passion and desire in the pictures.


After looking at these beautiful pictures of CHAD & SANDRA, one surely asks a question “could there be a couple more charming than this one?” Of course, we are in awe of this couple and the perfect pictures of their engagement! The ring focused in the pictures highlights a bond of love between the couple and you can surely witness the affection they have for each other in these pictures!

Stay blessed you two.