Dalia Sweet 16 | The Royal Manor | Garfield New Jersey

Sweet 16 Party for Dalia at The Royal Manor in Garfield in New Jersey

sweet 16

Dalia celebrated her sweet 16 birthday at The Royal Manor in Garfield venue in New Jersey, and boy was it is a special occasion!

As always, The Royal Manor in Garfield venue was top-notch and first-class across the board. The decorations were impeccable, the decor and the aesthetic of the ballroom was elegant and sophisticated while remaining fun and playful for a 16-year-old’s birthday party, and the staff couldn’t have been friendlier or more helpful every single step of the way.

The color scheme for this Sweet 16 birthday party was simple, straightforward, and very high-end. We’re talking about pastel pinks in a variety of different shades, Blacks, whites, and golds throughout. All of this played nicely with the sparkles and the glitter in the accented table cloths as well as the black wrought iron architectural features that are a standard part of The Royal Manor in Garfield venue in New Jersey.

Foil balloons (that have become so popular in just the last year or so) spelling out Dalia’s name stood watch over her very own special table, and the seat that she had set out for her and her alone had a lot more in line with a throne for a princess than anything else.

Just in front of this special birthday girl only table work to beautiful pink and black velvet chairs, specifically for both of her parents two sit at and enjoy the festivities with their daughter Dalia. These chairs had a real antique aesthetic about them which, combined with the very modern color scheme, really helped them to stand apart from the rest of the simple gold wooden chairs that dotted the rest of the dining room itself.

The birthday girl’s dress was a beautiful flowing gown of pastel pink, with glitter accented features, gemstones, and jewels sprinkled throughout. A crystal encrusted tiara sat atop her head for the entire night, making sure that everyone at the party understood exactly who was having the special day!

Hundreds of guests turned out for the occasion, all of which were dressed in the finest garb. Most men chose to go with shirts and ties or full three-piece suits, while the women wore sparkly gowns, beautiful evening dresses, and incredible accessories from top to bottom.

The main event of the night was the special daddy/daughter dance between Dalia and her father. They came together at the center of the ballroom, dancing arm in arm with one another to a beautiful song that held such a special meaning for each other. Their relationship was on full display for all attendees, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place!

The photographs of the event came out spectacularly, really capturing the fun, the energy, and the excitement of this particular occasion. Certainly one of the most memorable 16th birthday parties to be held at The Royal Manor in Garfield venue, this was one of the sweetest Sweet 16 parties New Jersey has ever seen for sure!