Why Is Photography Indispensable At Your Wedding Day?

Why Is Photography Indispensable At Your Wedding Day?

A Photographer isn’t everyone’s wedding guest; maybe not you, definitely not me either but

someone else somewhere. Isn’t it rather shocking, contemplating whether to include photography

in your wedding program or not? Of course it’s no big deal for some people to say, ‘no photos,

no cameras, let’s keep it all private’ but what if I say it’s indispensable; what if I give you


You may be camera shy or have selaphobia over everyday cam moments; sometimes sneaking

out of every doctored shot makes its way into your options each time the camera is set but you

can’t wish them away on your wedding day, not entirely, maybe not ever because someone with

a hidden spy cam at a corner probably likes to keep that memory if it didn’t interest you.

You’re Going To Be Guilty For Charming

Imagine you were detained for not letting your guests take photos of you, guess what the charges

will read; ‘You were too charming to behold but didn’t let anyone take a photo of you, please

can you explain why?’ I wish you can defend that. Your wedding is a special day and everything

else that follows is special no matter how disguised it is. You wear a new smile, a new look and

the center of attraction at the ball but you can’t just notice all at once; not without a photographer

lending a hand.

It’s A First And Only Special Dress Timeout

Your wedding dress is apparently one of those outfits you wear once in your entire life and you

probably aren’t going to forgive yourself for not knowing how good you look in it the first day

you tried it out in public. Photography promises to keep memories for as long as we want to have

them remembered. Besides how else were you going to figure out how nicely you looked on

your ring day? Your shoes and dress will be packaged right back into your closet for a long nap

if not for a lifetime. Moments of photography will spice up your special day in a special outfit

for life. So in your best interest, consider booking a photographer already if you weren’t making

plans for it.

Set That Memory Breathing

If you want to keep memories alive, art is something you can trust; as for your wedding day

memories, photography is not an option for debate. This ‘one in a lifetime’ event naturally calls

out the presence of loved ones, friends, families and as much network that you desire their

presence and you never can tell how far a single photo together will go in expressing how much

you cherish their presence. You can keep your wedding memories sitting on your official table,

your bed side, and sitting room or at the gallery.

f you can, you can position them in a manner

that tells a little story about your spouse and you; such big memory can’t just go for anything.

How about the cheers your wedding guests saved up online; Facebook keeps reminding us of

memories we sometimes don’t even remember. Maybe it wasn’t you, your friends uploaded them

online on your wedding but the joy that brightens you up on your anniversary when it suddenly

shows up again online makes you thank everyone else for memories you were not careful to



Let It Be A Witness

In the midst of many witnesses at your wedding, your wedding ring and photographs are stand-

alone and long-term witnesses that you are for once wedded with someone except you have

course to say otherwise. The photo album carefully placed in your sitting room tells your home

guest straight up that you are married to someone; a photo album is one of the lifetime proofs

that you are married.

Perfect Photo-shots For A Perfect Look

You look especially spectacular on your wedding day and a perfect photograph crowns it all.

From your suit, wedding gown, pair of shoes, jewelries, bouquet, your veil and crown can be

nothing short of perfect. Your mirror will try so hard to tell how gorgeous you look but you may

still forget the scene the moment you step out of the door; that’s why photography is important

on such occasion so that you can always have a second look whenever you want to.

Let me give

you an idea – never go for less on your wedding photography, go for something perfect. Some

couples even go as far as having motion activated hidden camera installed in their wedding

venues to capture every single moment that might be missed by photographers and


What If Something Steals The Day

At big events like wedding, very little things matter and that could be your wedding cake, the

decoration, your wedding dress design, your selected guest or just something. If your cake steals

the day with stunning creativity, you get it covered in a film or photos, if it’s the decoration, you

get it covered. Never make a mistake of not making plans for photography so you don’t end up

with regrets if it makes the news afterwards.

You May Need A Playback Someday

One of those things that happen years after are anniversaries of good and bad memories kept;

you can’t possible remember a memory you didn’t keep. Photography at your wedding is a great

memory keeper; it saves up special happy moments with your spouse, friends, family and special

guests for your anniversary, your children and other special days.

You call up your wedding

photo album when you remember how much or less you share with your spouse and family. By

the way, you are going to have kids except you planned otherwise; if not, your kids are going to

ask of your wedding photo album especially when they attend one. Most kids can be really

smart, sensitive and inquisitive and make you uncomfortable if they can’t find something they

can look at.

How much an event matters to you is a leeway to how much you devote to it. Your wedding is a

special event that brings you into light and draws attention to you naturally. So much said

already, plan to keep your wedding memories alive. Making plans for photography is a big part

of your wedding programmed especially if you are planning it big. Although considering the cost,

some may not even want to have a second look, but if you value your wedding day, you’ve got to

make every moment count. It doesn’t really matter how small or big your budget plan is, as far as

there is place for photography on the program, you are all covered.

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