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Amro & Rana Wedding – The Brownstone, New Jersey


When I was asked to photograph Amro and Rana’s wedding, which was held at The

Brownstone in New Jersey, I was thrilled. I’m always so grateful when couples place

their trust in me. I want to reward their trust by taking pictures that they will cherish

forever. Fortunately, weddings really bring out my creativity.


When I attend weddings, I feel inspired by the love and happiness that are all around

me. This was especially true at this unforgettable winter wedding. I wanted to capture

every meaningful moment of Amro and Reza’s nuptials, from the poignant and romantic

ceremony to the fun-filled reception. I also enjoyed taking outdoor portraits of the bride

and groom.


A wedding day is a journey and every step along the way means so much. A wedding

day should always be memorialized with professional photographs. Beautiful wedding

pictures are treasured keepsakes which are enjoyed again and again throughout the

years, and then passed down to the next generation.

On the big day, the happy couple looked simply fantastic. Their smiles were so genuine,

their eyes were filled with light and love and their wedding outfits were amazing.

This wedding was planned to perfection and there were so many joyous moments.

Rana Was A Stunning Bride

When I saw Rana in her bridal gown for the first time, I was dazzled. I know that Amro

and the couple’s friends and family felt the same way! Rana’s full-length, lacy wedding

dress was stunning. She accessorized by wearing her long hair in soft waves and

adding a sparkling tiara and sheer veil. She was so radiant on the big day. She was

such a beautiful bride.

Amro was dapper and dashing in his black tux. He looked very handsome during the

entire wedding celebration. He wore his formalwear with so much confidence and

looked great in every picture. Both Amro and Rana were wonderful models. They made

my job so easy.

For some of the outdoor wedding portraits, the couple posed with a sleek and ultra-

modern BMW i8. This hybrid sports car gave the wedding photo shoot a bit of extra,

007-style glamour. Since the roadster is white, it complemented the bride’s gown to

perfection. Everything came together. The results were wonderful. I’m so happy with the

portraits and I hope that the newlyweds are, too.



For other outdoor shots, I went more traditional. I got some lovely pictures of the bride

and some inspiring couple shots with Amro and Rana. The pictures have so much

character. In some photos, there is a touch of snow on the ground. I wanted to capture

the spirit of the season, from the snow to the muted and subtle quality of winter light and

beyond. Of course, my primary focus was taking the very best pictures of Amro and Rana

The Brownstone Is A Great Venue

The Brownstone in New Jersey is a very nice wedding venue. It’s a historic structure

that offers exceptional catering, impressive Grand Conservatories and Craftsman-style

architecture. On Amro and Rana’s wedding day, the venue looked splendid. Tables

were decked out with vibrant flower arrangements, the beautiful ballroom floors were

shiny and immaculate and glittering chandeliers added warm, inviting light. This is a

wedding venue with the perfect ambiance.

The wedding ceremony was traditional, meaningful and romantic. The reception was

filled with dance, music and joy. This was a family-friendly special event where people

of all ages, including some very cute children, were able to enjoy the ceremony, nosh

on some great food and then dance the night away. I loved taking pics of the ceremony

and the celebration that followed. I took pictures of the happy couple, as well as their

friends and loved ones. The venue was such an appealing backdrop for photos.

Everyone looked fantastic.

There were so many smiling faces at this wedding, but no one smiled brighter than the

bride and groom. The romantic spirit of the event was amazing and Amro and Rana

were celebrating being man and wife. Late on, during the wedding reception, Amro and

Rana had the chance to celebrate their union with their nearest and dearest,

surrounded by the welcoming and beautiful atmosphere of The Brownstone. This

elegant wedding was special.

Congratulations to Amro and Rana

This wedding was so memorable. I was so pleased to be there and loved taking pictures

of the happy couple, wedding party and wedding guests.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Amro and Rana for thinking of me and choosing

me. I also want to wish them a lifetime of happiness. During the wedding, I saw the love

between this couple and it was inspiring. Their affection and respect for one another

came through in the pictures. I know that they’ll have a joyful life together.

Enjoy this sneak peek High light reel video Amro & Rana !!

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