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Jake & Annie Wedding

Wedding events are always magical, some of my favorite events to photograph and every time a bride and groom asked me to be the one to record their special day I’m always over the moon and more than a little bit honored to help out especially a destination Wedding located in the U.S. Virgin Island Plantation Crown & Hawk Botanical Garden…

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Here at Hector Rivera Photography I’ve had the pleasure of memorializing the most important day in someone’s life a number of times, and each wedding is unique, spectacular, and truly something that all involved will never forget.

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This wedding, however – Jake and Annie’s wedding – brought me to a jaw-dropping the gorgeous venue in the beautiful St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. I was lucky enough to take some fantastic photographs I’m happy to share with you here to help keep the memories of this momentous occasion alive forever!

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Jake and Annie Get Married!

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The weather on March 23, 2019 – a sunny Saturday in spring on St. Thomas – couldn’t have been any more cooperative than it was during Jake and Annie’s wedding.

Spring colors were in full bloom, with beautiful greens, reds, yellows, and blues popping through and adding quite a bit of flavor to the background and the foreground of a lot of the wedding shots I was able to capture.

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I was immediately struck by the natural beauty of St. Thomas and just how easy it was to capture that natural beauty in the background of many of these shots. Jake and Annie obviously were more than happy to celebrate beautiful St. Thomas on their special day while celebrating their love, and it features prominently in the background of almost every shot – including many of those taken at their jaw-dropping we gorgeous venue (something will touch on just a moment).


Meeting Jake and Annie was a real pleasure as I had an opportunity to get to know them a little bit before the big day and especially on the day of their wedding. I knew I had a little bit of pressure on my shoulders to capture these frozen moments in time as best I could, but both of these lovebirds couldn’t have brought any better energy to the equation – and it was obvious just how much they love one another from their smiles.

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Annie had a beautiful, flowing, formfitting white bridal gown that turned more than a few heads (including Jake’s), and Jake’s tuxedo was perfectly tailored and a fun “two-tone” ensemble with a white dinner jacket and black pants and shoes.

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The purple piping on his jacket really stood out as a bunch of these pictures taken in the full light of the afternoon sun are going to show off!

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Before the ceremony I made sure to duck down and capture pictures of the open-air wedding site, getting more than a few beautiful snapshots that really show how incredible St. Thomas is but also how intimate, serene, and impressive this venue was as well.

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When it came time to celebrate the momentous occasion, the groom and his groomsmen took their positions and guests started to filter into their seats. It wasn’t long until everyone was settled in, the music started and the beautiful bridesmaids started to file down the aisle.

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As soon as the maid of honor found her spot it was time for Annie and her father to come down the line, and what a pair they made. You could feel the love – and the emotion – with every single step. The hand-off from father to soon to be husband was steeped in respect.

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The ceremony was beautiful and certainly something that all in attendance will remember forever, with real love permeating each and every vow that Jake and Annie made to one another. Before you knew it the ceremony was over and people were ushered into the reception – a reception that really showed off the beautiful venue at the Plantation Crown & Hawk Botanical Garden.

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The Beautiful Plantation Crown & Hawk Botanical Garden

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The cracker venue (located on Estate Crown and Hawk in St. Thomas) is one of the most popular locations in all of the US Virgin Islands for wedding receptions, and for good reason.


The botanical gardens feature indigenous plants to St. Thomas as well as a number of varieties brought in from around the world, flowers that do particularly well in the tropical environments of this island. In the spring the botanical garden is absolutely lit up with colors – every shade imaginable – and on March 23 (the day of this wedding) the entire garden seemed to come alive and really set the tone for this wedding and this marriage.

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The reception hall itself was beautifully adorned with classic white and gold appointments, lending a real feel of luxury to the ceremony and the ceremony that followed after. Seating was intimate and close, showing just how perfect these two lives fit together with one another – with family and friends from both sides of this new marriage mingling with one another and creating new relationships of their own.

It wasn’t long until Jake and Annie found themselves on the dance floor, and shortly after that the rest of the guests were up and dancing as well. The DJ handled the heavy lifting of making sure the music matched the mood of the occasion perfectly – and I have to tell you that he knocked it out of the park as well!

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As the night went on it was more and more obvious to everyone that was there to celebrate this marriage that Jake and Annie had been waiting for this day for their entire lives. It isn’t hard to imagine that these two making one another happy for decades and decades to come, Mr. and Mrs. Schneck – a wonderful couple that had a wonderful wedding in St. Thomas I was honored to be a small part of.

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I want to wish both Jake and Annie nothing but the best of luck going forward, and may they have the kind of long-lasting, love filled marriage that they so obviously deserve with one another!

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