Rebecca Sicat Sweet 18 | The Tides | North Haledon | New Jersey | Banquets Hall

Rebecca Looked Beautiful at Her Sweet 18 Party

— Unknown
sweet 18 girl smiling

Rebecca celebrated her 18th birthday at The Tides Estate in New Jersey. Girl’s 18th birthdays are

important occasions for Filipino families like hers, so her loving family pulled out all the stops.

Her mother and father made sure that her Sweet 18 was truly unforgettable. I’ve been fortunate

enough to do other events for Rebecca’s Mom, Susan Sicat, in the past. Susan is a wonderful

woman who has raised a wonderful daughter.

I was thrilled to capture Rebecca during the festivities. She was radiant in a beautiful dress with a

fitted bodice, full skirt and jeweled belt. Her gown was the same robin’s egg blue shade as

jewelry boxes from Tiffany & Co. She wore a sparkling tiara, which was undoubtedly the perfect

finishing touch to her stunning formal outfit. It made her look like a princess.

She accented her sweeping gown and shimmering tiara with lustrous pearl earrings and a pearl

pendant. I really enjoyed photographing Rebecca, because her smile was so genuine. Rebecca is

a bright and kind young woman and she was a great model. She was glowing on her big day and

her radiance made my job so easy.

About The Tides Estate

The Tides Estate was the perfect venue for Rebecca’s Sweet 18 celebration. This New Jersey

estate is renowned for its stunning gardens, elegant gazebos and delectable cuisine. For three

decades, caring and professional staff members at The Tides Estate have catered to guests by

providing them with “white glove” service.

This immaculate venue features roomy banquet halls that are illuminated with glittering

chandeliers. The Tides Estate is also home to a dramatic spiral staircase and lots of gorgeous

banquet rooms. If you want to feel like royalty during a special party or wedding, you may want

to consider this venue. It has an excellent reputation for very good reason.

This Party Was Exceptional

The banquet room was spacious, so everyone had plenty of room to mingle and dance. I saw so

many smiling faces. This was a joyous occasion and the party décor was amazing. Touches of

“Tiffany blue” were everywhere, including place settings and table decorations. I made sure to

photograph the tables, as they were decorated so beautifully.

I love to capture different moods by taking pictures of venues, table settings, birthday cakes,

buffets and party guests. I create a pictorial diary of the special event, from start to finish, and I

hope that my pictures always evoke the fondest memories.

Of course, I always spend plenty of time on portraits, too, such as portraits of the birthday girl

and group shots of the birthday girl with family and friends. I also capture spontaneity by taking

candid shots of party guests as they dance, hug and chat. There were so many important

moments at this Sweet 18, and so much beauty. This was a party that inspired me as a


Plenty of female guests honored the Tiffany theme by dressing in shades of blue. Some of the

male guests wore “Tiffany blue” ties…and looked great in them! This fun and fashionable theme

was a brilliant idea. It added so much charm to this birthday celebration. There was even a photo

backdrop in robin’s egg blue, which featured the words, “Rebecca & Co.”. Lots of party guests

enjoyed posing in front of this unique backdrop.

This was a special event where the needs of guests were a priority. Guests were provided with

such a pleasant experience, from décor to music to food and drink to dancing. This party was

planned to perfection.

During the event, Rebecca changed into a frothy cream-and-gold formal gown and then

gracefully descended the spiral staircase. Once she reached the ballroom, she danced with her

father. Dry ice drifted onto the dance floor and made it appear that the pair were dancing on a

cloud. The effect was magical.

This poignant moment was so memorable. It is always fulfilling to capture the love between a

parent and child, so I made sure to take lots of pictures of the father/daughter dance. It is a

moment in time that Rebecca, her Dad and everyone else at the Sweet 18 party will never forget.

Best Wishes to Rebecca and Family

I want to offer best wishes to the birthday girl and her family. I am so grateful to Rebecca’s

mother, Susan, for placing her trust in me. This party was one of the best Sweet 18 celebrations

ever. It was a special event that guests loved. Throughout the event, I saw so many smiles and so

much love.

Rebecca is such a special girl and she was given the Sweet 18 of her dreams by her loving


Rebecca, you looked beautiful at your party and I hope you love your pictures. This party was

the perfect way to celebrate your coming of age. I know you have the brightest future ahead.