Why I Switched from a Nikon to a Sony Mirrorless Camera

All images shot with an IPHONE 8 Plus Sorry..

I’m a wedding photographer. I have years of experience capturing happy couples (and their
wedding guests) with my camera. I also photograph anniversaries, sweet sixteens and other
joyous special events. Since my clients count on me to tell the stories of their most meaningful
days with pictures, camera quality is extremely important.


When I decided to switch from a Nikon to a Sony Mirrorless Camera, after relying on a Nikon
for three full years (and a Canon for three years before that), it was a big change…and it’s a
change that I’ve never regretted making. When I did make the transition, I accessed superb
innovation and technology, a better focusing system, compact size, relief from boredom, 4k
video and silent shooting.


My journey with Sony started with the A6300 Sony Crop Sensor. I used it for a wedding shoot
and fell in love with it. Afterwards, I spent a couple of years researching my next buy, the
A7R111. Later, I bought an A7111 2 of them to be exact...
To help you learn about the benefits of Sony mirrorless cameras, I want to share information
about the key advantages of my Sony A7111. Once you’ve read this article, you may want to
make the very same switch ( hahahahaha ) Just kidding ...


Superb Innovation and Technology
This Sony A7111 is feature-packed and it’s a veritable technological marvel. It offers impressive
speed, as well as an illuminated rear sensor with 24.2 megapixels. The sensor is equipped with
five-axis optical image stabilization.
While this camera is marketed as a “basic full-frame” design, it’s far from basic. The A7111
comes with a superb image processor (the Bionz X), and this mirrorless model will shoot at a
maximum speed of ten frames per second, in JPEG or RAW formats.
With this top-notch camera, it’s possible to take seven hundred and ten shots on one battery


A Better Focusing System
If you want a robust and quick autofocus system, you’ll find that the A7111 delivers. The
camera’s AF system features 425 “contrast autofocus points”, as well as 399 “phase detection
AF points”. This means that its AF system functions at double the speed of its predecessor, the
A7R II. It’s the camera’s impressive processor which makes this type of lightning-fast focusing
speed possible.
I do find the Sony’s focusing system to be far superior to AF systems from Nikon . I. Sony is the clear winner .


Compact Size

When you need to carry a camera for hours to capture events, size really matters. I value the
compact size of my Sony A7111 because it’s more comfortable to hold and use. This camera is
lightweight, small and rugged. The “7” models from Sony, including the A7R111, are the Japanese
electronics manufacturer’s “third-gen” mirrorless cameras. They are pro-level designs which
weigh less than comparable cameras from Canon and Nikon.

Sony A7R111

It Was Time to Move On
Change can be good. Sometimes, it’s good to let go of the familiar and move onto to something
new. When I transitioned to Sony mirrorless cameras, after six years of using other brands, it was
just time for me to move on. Exploring the features of Sony cameras, such as my current pick,
the Sony 6300, A7111 and the A7R111,, gave me new steam photographically. It sparked my creativity and imagination.
If you’re in a rut with your camera, don’t be afraid to switch to a mirrorless Sony. You’ll be able
to use its amazing capabilities to stretch yourself as an artist. I got plenty of value from my
Nikon, but it doesn’t offer the same rainbow riot of brilliant features as my mirrorless Sony,
which is right on the cutting edge.

Sony A7R111

To Access 4k Video
I take pictures for a living, so 4K video is a camera feature that is worth investing in and the
Sony A7111 has it. 4K video provides a whopping four thousand pixels of width of footage.
When you consider that high-quality HD footage offers only 1920 pixels in width, you’ll see that
the A7111 provides video quality that is just fantastic. It’s far more detailed than typical high-def
My Nikon didn’t have 4K, so upgrading to Sony was a smart decision. The footage I capture
with 4K looks amazing on even the biggest televisions.
To Enjoy Silent Shooting
I want to be as unobtrusive as I can when I’m shooting weddings. Unless I’m doing portraits and
helping my clients to pose and look their best, I prefer to fade into the background, because
staying quiet makes it easier to capture candid moments that are completely natural. Plus, I don’t
want noise from my camera to be audible when couples are exchanging their wedding vows.

Sony A7111

For this reason, I love the fact that my A7111 is a “silent shooting” model. Some cameras are
marketed as “silent”, but they really aren’t. They click a bit when they’re being used. This isn’t
the case with the A7111. It really is silent. You’ll know you’ve taken a picture when you notice a
temporary blackout via the viewfinder, or on the live view on the back screen. The shutter makes
no noise, but the lens may emit some noise while the autofocus locks into place. There are some
modes which don’t offer silent shooting, but it’s available in a selection of modes if you do need

Sony A7111

Sony Mirrorless Cameras Are Amazing Tools

For me, the focus system on my Sony A7111 is its biggest perk. My shots are always so sharp.
As well, I find that the speed of this model trumps my Nikon 750 , hands-down.
Another awesome advantage of the A7111 is long battery life, which can’t be accessed via
Nikons or Canons. When I can shoot an entire event on just one charge, that’s the height of ease
and convenience. Lastly, my Sony mirrorless camera can be customized to meet my needs. It’s a
versatile camera with every bell and whistle You can also use other lenses with adopters so as canon glass ETC.   I love Nikon is just my choice Nikon treated me well over the years , but I feel Nikon right now is lacking video 4K , silent shooting, video in general .


Nikon for some crazy insanely reason can never get the video right. I do like canons video/focusing better . I'm not bashing Nikon, Nikon c DSLRS are amazing, however I was bored i needed a change and I'm now with Sony. I feel like I been energized. I will invest in G master Sony lenses will love to hear from you guys what lenses are you guys using for your Sony mirrorless....  Do not hate congratulate is just a camera A TOOL what ever works for you. Photography is about art, your vision, telling the story and composition. Another value in photography is LIGHT worry more about light than GEAR. The reason i say this is because i know i will see allot of trolls and lots of negative comments people for some reason get all crazy when you switched camera gears lol.  Keep shooting ...That's all folks.

Why the Sony A7111 is one of the best wedding photography gear 



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