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Combination retirement party and 60th birthday for husband and wife

The estate florentine garden

A major celebration took place at The Estate at Florentine Gardens venue recently, celebrating the 60th birthday of Susan and the retirement of her husband Efren with more than 200 people attending the event and rejoicing in these momentous occasions.


By all accounts the party was a smashing success, and elegant evening with friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors all celebrating two of the biggest milestones any individual can achieve.


The stars of the event, Susan and her husband The Estate at Florentine Gardens, have been together for years and years. Susan, a nurse at New York Presbyterian was celebrating her 60th birthday – a major milestone and a day that so many of us hope we also get the opportunity to reach in our lives. Efren was celebrating his retirement from the career that had provided him with so much fulfillment and the ability to provide for his family – the most important thing in his life.


All attendees were dressed to impress, but the biggest hit of the night had to be the dress that Susan wore. The pinnacle of elegance, the full length gown had an off the shoulder look with linen like materials and a floral print that was sublimated – really drawing attention to the impeccable style that Susan has enjoyed her entire life according to friends and family that know her best.


Efren himself was looking quite dashing and quite dapper, with a black and gold tuxedo and bow-tie combination that went perfectly with the dress his wife was wearing. Susan had beautiful bronze and copper aesthetic jewelry and accessories, and the children of these two also elected to where black suits with gold ties and gold colored dresses – helping them stand apart from the rest of the party-goers.

The party started in the early afternoon and went well into the evening, with more than 200 attendees helping to make this celebration such a memorable and momentous occasion. Numerous toasts and speeches were held, honoring both of the guests for their own individual incredible achievements, highlighting some fond memories with a fair amount of humor splashed in as well!

It would be impossible to imagine a more perfect setting for a party of this magnitude than The Estate at Florentine Gardens venue.

The grounds here are incredible, with lush gardens, beautifully landscaped exterior spaces, and some of the finest natural features anywhere in this area of New York. Inside the grand dining room and ballroom of the tables were set impeccably, and all attendees mentioned just how beautiful the setting was. This really helped to set the mood and the tone of the party itself, giving both Susan and her husband the opportunity to really embrace the festivities in a way that just wouldn’t have been possible with any other venue.


The Estate at Florentine Gardens is a favorite for major events and occasions like this one, and certainly is one of the most popular wedding and birthday venues anywhere in the area. The staff is top-notch, the accommodations second to none, and the service here is completely customizable from top to bottom to guarantee that each party is tailored to the specific wishes of the guest (or guests, as the case may be) of honor – all of which results in a perfect night that will be remembered forever.

While Efren may never have the opportunity to retire again (and is certainly looking forward to everything that his life as a retired individual promises to bring to the table), Susan certainly looks as though she’ll have many more birthdays to celebrate in the future. The odds are pretty good though that this one – her 60th – will be one that no one forgets anytime soon!