Vincent & Krystie Wedding | New York City | Central Park Shakespeare Garden

Vincent & Krystie Wedding – Central Park’s Shakespeare Garden



When Vincent and Krystie asked me to photograph their Big Apple wedding, I was very pleased.

Taking pictures of the happy couple on their special day was so much fun. They had a gorgeous

and romantic wedding in Central Park’s scenic and historic Shakespeare Garden.


What a perfect place to hold an outdoor wedding! The flowers were in bloom and the sun was shining. The bride and groom were dressed to the nines and surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

family out door portrait

This wedding had so much charm and meaning. It was intimate in scale, but big on emotion.

The joyous ceremony led to a wonderful reception at an organic Italian eatery named PALMA, in the West Village


The entire wedding celebration was a perfect example of just how special a

smaller wedding can be. Every detail was planned to perfection. The wedding and reception were

so New York and I enjoyed every minute of my wedding photographer duties. I was thrilled to

be a part of it all.


Vincent is a friend of mine and it meant so much to me to witness his happiness as he made a

lifetime commitment to Krystie. The love between Vincent and Krystie shone through in every

single photo. Vincent and Krystie are both registered nurses.

DS2_0417_websize (1).jpg

They have so much in common and they have great chemistry. They are a perfect match. Now, let’s talk about the wedding ceremony in a bit more detail. It was definitely a lovely wedding ceremony in a very special place….

bride walking with father

Central Park’s Shakespeare Garden is Exceptional

This glorious landscape is truly the ultimate outdoor wedding locale. It stretches over four acres

in Central Park.


As you may have guessed, its name was chosen to honor the late playwright and

poet, William Shakespeare. The plants and flowers featured in Shakespeare Garden are all

referenced in the works of William Shakespeare.

bouquet bride and groom

This garden is filled with cowslip, lark’s heel, primrose and so many other beautiful plants and

flowers. There are plaques onsite which feature quotes about the plants and flowers. These

DS2_0573-Edit_websize (1).jpg

quotes come directly from Shakespeare’s plays and poems. This garden was established way

back in 1913, to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Shakespeare’s passing.

As you might imagine, this is such a romantic place to tie the knot. At the ceremony, Krystie was

radiant in a stunning, full-length bridal gown with sparkling embellishments.

Vincent was dapper


in a stylish blue suit, His pale pink tie matched some of the blossoms in Krystie’s bridal bouquet.

The bride and groom looked fabulous. I got some amazing shots of Vincent and Krystie with a

lush array of Cherry Blossom Trees in the background. The trees were flowering with a

profusion of baby pink petals. It couldn’t have been any prettier. Nature is so often the ideal

backdrop for lovely wedding pictures.

I also took some portraits of the bride and groom with their loved ones.


The ceremony was lovely. A cellist played and bright smiles were on everyone’s faces. In the

New York City sunshine, Vincent and Krystie became man and wife, amidst colorful tulips and

emerald-green grass. After the ceremony, there were so many tender moments between the bride

and groom, and between the happy couple and their friends and family. All of it was a joy to

witness and to capture on film.

DS2_0484_websize (1).jpg

If you’re planning a wedding and you’re in the NYC area, you may want to consider exchanging

vows in this gorgeous garden. It’s the perfect place to celebrate love.

PALMA In the West Village Is Spectacular

bleeker street

Then, it was time for the reception. Vincent, Krystie and their guests headed for PALMA in the

Palma restaurant

West Village. This restaurant is known for its irresistible organic Italian fare. At this gorgeous

restaurant, everyone enjoyed an al fresco wedding meal. The outdoor dining area at PALMA is

spectacular. For the wedding reception, a long table was dressed in pure white linens. The table

was surrounded by trellises filled with a dazzling plethora of climbing plants, fairy lights and



This was the time for happy toasts and touching speeches. Everyone relaxed and enjoyed the

restaurant’s stellar food and wine.


I got some great shots of the table, while all the guests were

sitting together. I also took pics of the food, which was so healthy and delicious. During the

PALMA reception, I took some portraits of smaller groups of family and friends.

I also captured

DSC_1164-Edit_websize (1).jpg

Vincent and Krystie kissing and cuddling as they had their very first supper as man and wife.

One wonderful facet of the wedding reception was the wedding cake. It was incredibly delicious!


It came from Magnolia Bakery and it was to die for. Known as the NAKED Confetti cake with

cream cheese frosting, it was one of the best wedding cakes I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve tasted so


confetti cake
confetti cake

Magnolia Bakery is also situated in the West Village and it’s known for its classic American treats. The team at Magnolia outdid themselves with this gorgeous cake. It tasted just as good as it looked .

Congratulation to The Happy Couple


Vincent and Krystie, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you and thank you. Your

wedding was amazing and seeing both of you so happy was something that I’ll never forget. I’m

very grateful that you chose me to take your wedding pictures. I love the photographs and I hope

that you do, too. I know you’ll have a long and happy life together.


This wedding was so beautiful. It was a small wedding that went off without a hitch. Every

aspect of the big day was simply perfect. This wedding had it all, including the lush beauty of

Central Park’s Shakespeare Garden and the amazing ambiance of a chic Italian eatery.

Congratulations to the happy couple. It was so nice to spend time with you and your family and

friends. I will always remember your wedding fondly and be grateful for the opportunity to be

there, capturing every moment with my camera.


Hey Vincent & Krystie here is a little surprise for you guys watch this 1 minute clip enjoy! below Click !