Victoria Grace Baptism | Sarkis Church in Little Neck, New York

Victoria Grace Baptism | Sarkis Church in Little Neck, New York

Updated: Jul 23

Victoria Grace is a bright, sweet and charming baby girl who was baptized at St. Sarkis Church

in Little Neck, New York. I was lucky enough to be present during her baptism and I enjoyed

every minute. 

I captured so many amazing moments with my camera. I’ve worked with Victoria

Grace’s mother, Christina, on a range of events, and she is a wonderful, gracious woman. I want to thank Christina for placing her trust in me. It’s always a pleasure (and an honor) to take pictures at Christina Events.

On the big day, Victoria Grace wore a lovely lavender outfit, along with a pretty headband

adorned with tiny flowers. She was dressed up so nicely by her mom and dad, who also looked fantastic. I made sure to take plenty of portraits of Victoria Grace In her lavender Outfit.

later in the day, Victoria wore an exquisite , snow -white christening gown. Before the baptism. I sook some pictures of the beautiful christening gown. I wanted to showcase the gown's delicate embroidery and pretty ribbons. This gown is a work of art which will always be a treasured family keepsake.

St. Sarkis Church Is So Special

This baptism was held at an Apostolic church that is very special. St. Sarkis Church is a

Christian church that follows the traditions of Armenian church fathers. The church is such a

beautiful place to worship, thanks to its colorful stained glass, stunning religious paintings and

inspiring wooden altar. It was the ideal setting for little Victoria Grace’s baptism.

I took pictures before, during and after the baptism. The beauty of the church provided the

perfect backdrop for portraits and candid photography. I used my technical photography skills

and creativity to take pictures with true colors and pleasing composition. It is very helpful to

have an experienced photographer on hand for events like this, as lighting inside of churches

varies so widely. A photographer needs to know how to optimize lighting for great results.

Everyone was in good spirits for this important ceremony. While Victoria Grace shed a few tears

as she was baptized, as most babies do, everyone else was smiling, because the moment was so Joyous.

After her baptism, Victoria Grace was dressed in her lovely christening gown, as well as a white

lace bonnet. I took some great pictures of her with her parents and other loved ones. I also

enjoyed taking photos of other children who attended the baptism, including Victoria Grace’s

two brothers, who looked so handsome in their suits.

Once the baptism was complete, a reception was held at Sound view Caterers in Bayville,

NY…and what a reception it was! The Reception was beautiful .

Sound-view Caterers is a perfect baptism reception venue. Situated along the scenic North Shore

of Long Island, it offers magnificent views of Long Island Sound and surrounding coastline. For over 25 years, this venue has offered superb service within a beautiful facility.

The reception hall looked terrific. It offered an amazing view of the water, and each table was

adorned with lush floral arrangements. A sumptuous buffet was prepared for family and guests. I made sure to take plenty of pictures of the reception hall and the fine cuisine.

many elegant touches to capture with my camera, including “towers” made from cream puffs and Macaron cookies, and masses of pink balloons.

There was also a splendid three-tier cake which featured the words, “Victoria Grace”, along with

a cross motif. What a beautiful cake! Victoria Grace helped to cut the cake, with a lot of help

from Mom and Dad. I got some amazing portraits of Victoria Grace, her mom, dad and brothers

during the cake cutting.

Guests were treated like royalty at this wonderful event. There were gorgeous place cards, gift

bags for everyone and a DJ who inspired everyone to get out on the dance floor. This reception

was planned so well. Every single detail was pure perfection. Everyone had a great time.

During the reception, I took some group portraits, as well as a series of candid photographs of people at their tables, chatting, smiling and enjoying the delicious food and drink. Naturally, I captured some dance action on the dance floor, too. Even the children danced, and they looked so cute while they were dancing

This event was perfect for all ages. It was a fun-filled reception that honored such a special event

in Victoria Grace’s life.

This reception will always be remembered fondly. It was held in an immaculate venue where

service was exceptional. Décor was stunning and guests were able to relax and celebrate Victoria

Grace’s baptism in total comfort. It was nice to take pictures of so many happy people, including

baby Victoria Grace.

For the reception, Victoria Grace wore a white dress that was different than her christening

gown. Her party dress was the cutest, with a skirt adorned with crisscrossed ribbons. The dress

was topped with a little white jacket and the baby wore a lovely headband with a large white silk flower.

At one point, Victoria Grace stood up on the dance floor and did a little dancing with other

children. This was one more special moment that I was thrilled to capture with my camera. My

hope is that the family will enjoy photos of the event for years and decades to come. Photos of

important family events are precious. Looking at these pictures makes it so simple to relive the

happiest and most significant moments.

Congratulations, Victoria Grace

I want to congratulate Victoria Grace on this special milestone in her life. I also want to thank

her parents for trusting me to take pictures of the baptism and reception. I was honored to

photograph this event. Christina, you are the kindest person and your family is the nicest family.

Thank you so much for choosing me as your baptism photographer.

I am very pleased with how the photos came out and I hope you are, too. This event was a joy to


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